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Single Bedroom Apartments With Popping Blue Accents

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Single Bedroom Apartments

The blue accents seem to surpass decoration trends. These two modern houses have been accentuated with shades of blue on the lighter side of the spectrum to speed up the pace with white and light gray neutrals. The energetic blue accents characterize the chic but daring living rooms, which are accentuated by bizarre art and unusual furniture. We also take a tour of the bedrooms and bathrooms of these elegant homes – one of which is an inspired design, located in the center, between glass walls. http://seoexpertiseconsulting.com

Single Bedroom Apartments

Also observe the floor plans of these unique one-bedroom apartments, each measuring just under 90 square meters. This apartment in Saint Petersburg, Russia, was designed for a 30-year-old owner. The owner plans to rent the apartment in a few years, so a neutral palette made the most sense. However, there are electric blue accent pieces that breathe life and cheerful energy inside, like this geo coffee table and the blue solo accent pillow on the modern sofa.

Single Bedroom Apartments

There’s also a blue accent wall, though it’s flooded with a muted shade of blue with a shade of gray. A unique accent chair matches the sofa to complete the compact living room layout. Blue cushions appear in the dining room behind the living room and disturb a calm gray kitchen. Instead of compulsory television, the objective of this modern living room is a structured panel with contemporary works of art. The wall lights highlight the structured plaster and present the paintings.

A modern pendant lamp falls on the small round dining table to reinforce its presence. More hanging lights for the dining room can be found here. Glamorous tiles laid an impressive walkway and a welcome wall at the entrance to the house. The blue vanity stools choose the color of the tile and reflect the circular silhouette of the mirror above a floating vanity. An entry bench provides an additional seat for putting on shoes. In the bedroom, light from a large window reflects into the glass ball tones of modern Sputnik pendants.

Lighting in the bedroom

The two bedroom pendant lights rise above one of the glamorous mirror bedside tables. A monkey lamp swings on the other side. An arrangement of bright pink flowers gives the system a touch of sweet romance. Nervous works of art balance the softer side of the room’s layout. Heavy gray curtains fall on a large window and balcony doors. A back wall of botanical kitchen grows on a modern bathroom vanity and scatters green fronds behind a round wall mirror. Gray and gold vessels crossed the white marble tile stopped in the middle of the room.

A natural rattan laundry basket removes warmer tones. Floor plan of the apartment. This 85 m² apartment is located in the historic part of Kharkov, Ukraine. Make it for clients who work in the fields of design and architecture. The owner chose the layout and set project criteria for the functionality and maximum architectural cleanliness of the room. Several windows let in daylight and create a feeling of space. To increase its effect, you must release the blue sofa and side table on the edge of the room, and pile up like an island in the middle of the floor.

Stylized architectural motifs

Each side table stands tightly against the elbow of the lounge chairs and backrests. Provides a pure spatial structure, mainly determined by its functionality. The decorative Volta Stockholm Mobile designed by Otxo and Mario Conti is one piece that hugs the wall. Barcelona makes eternal cell phones made of metal and steel. Stylish architectural motifs have been used to give interior character because the house has a classic facade. The metal base of a dining table with base sparkles luxuriously.

A modern dining table pendant falls from a traditional ceiling rose. State-of-the-art dining chairs create an original silhouette. A pure white kitchen quietly enters the background of the living room. The house consists of walls over half a meter thick, which give the interior a feeling of solidity. Installing a large partition can have a greater effect. The white decor softens the geometry with notes of Mediterranean warmth. Unconventional artwork put an unusual accent in the bedroom, including an astronaut figure on the bed. The metal headboard reflects the light in the room and elegantly counteracts the oddity.

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