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Copper Infused Industrial Style Home

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Copper Infused Industrial Style Home

The exposed masonry and the raw wood elements form an industrial style living room which receives a warm metallic infusion with rich copper accents. The unique living environment designed by Ira Lysiuk is a spacious and impressive accommodation, in which modern furniture creates a simple and minimalist approach. The architecture itself presents a circular pattern that inspires a common design theme that goes from room to room. Ebony black is also becoming a permanent theme which balances the airy white decor and complements the robust concrete floors and pillars. https://seoexpertiseconsulting.com/

Industrial type house

Industrial chic continues in an enviable bathroom and a fun children’s room to complete a complete and elegant scheme. A double-sided sectional sofa arrangement divides the large living room in two. For evening TV entertainment we have to design one side of the sofa, while the other side for a comfortable night place near the fireplace. The exposed masonry conveys an industrial atmosphere. A porthole integrated into the structure creates a fluid atmosphere in the living room.

Copper Infused Industrial Style Home

Back on the sofa, a small black side table recalls the circular pattern. In keeping with the shape of the room, a circular roller shutter stands on the concrete floor in front of the modern fireplace. This style without a stove may not be the most practical for a young family, but it could be fixed with an elegant fireplace screen.  The cause of the heat effect is a copper-colored wall that is from fire and accents repeated in other parts of the living room with copper kitchen islands. A large dining table is located between the kitchen and the living room.

Room comfort

The formal SIx dining chairs correspond to an elegant black rectangular table; A rustic wooden dining table shakes the whole. An oversized and unique plant stand looks like a giant’s egg cup. The curved black mug completes the black hanging lights that hang over the entire length of the adjacent dining table. Provide wood behind the TV precisely in the living room, close to the porch door before being rolled like a raw wood cupboard in the kitchen. With the black suspensions, the chairs and the black table in the dining room, the light wood dining room bench offers a moment of light and structural relief.

There are elegant white drawers at the rear of the copper kitchen island, which also contain the hob and sink. The copper breakfast bar shines brightly in front of the wood grain. Black bar stools in the kitchen darken the light copper accent. Make the height of the kitchen cabinet high with a retractable folding door to free up additional space that is useful for kitchen utensils. An integrated cooktop extractor guarantees cooking of the steam and aromas.

The decor of the home

The decor of the home office consists of bare industrial masonry with raw wood furniture. By sitting behind a lounge chair that is elegant and modern supports various ideas. A linear linear pendant light highlights the office configuration positioned in the center, while the recessed rails illuminate the edges. Use a black cabinet that fills the entire wall behind the desk to store files and office equipment outside the location, so that all attention can be drawn to one concrete wall. A concrete desk organizer follows the range of materials.

In a comfortable window seat, a specially designed window seat and a few scattered cushions ensure a comfortable reading corner. The minimalist white storage cabinets quietly use a niche in the room. A modern wall lamp accentuates an industrial concrete column. The wooden window seat directly integrates the square planter. A round carpet balances the hard lines of the room. In the master bedroom, the wall of the headboard is actually a partition to create a dressing room.

Copper Infused Industrial

Modern pendant lights and wall lights shine on a black brick style wall and a unique wooden bedside table. The bed itself is covered with copper-colored upholstery which is useful for reflecting the metal copper walls at its feet. Modern fireplaces are planted in copper cladding. Rustic wood grain drawers and large shelves complete the dressing room at the back of the headboard wall.

The concrete floor of the bedroom pours into the closet and contrasts coldly with the oak furniture. A charismatic industrial bathroom design characterizes the warm coppery hue of uncoated masonry alongside natural wood elements. A white cladding wall hides the tank and the pipes.

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