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Award Winning Home Interior With Suspended Bedrooms

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Home Interior With Suspended Bedrooms

The engineering team put 300 days of difficult experimentation in the process of building this imaginative space designed by SOAR Design Studio. The team worked with the owners to finish a house with a unique touch. The Japan Institute of Design Promotion manages this work and wins the Japan Good Design Award in 2019. Then, Traditional “rules” and definitions have been abandoned in favor of an exciting new way of living together. Open spaces, flexible uses and vague floor boundaries have been proposed to bridge the gap between public and private spaces. http://seoexpertiseconsulting.com

Home Interior With Suspended Bedrooms

A kind of labyrinth that navigates both horizontally and vertically. The ambiguous lounge promotes movement and interaction between residents. Custom furniture gives the floor plan a fascinating touch. A simple bench offers the possibility of taking a break and reading a book, looking at the garden, lying down for a while or talking to each other. Transition zones lead to new types of interactions. The floating base of the staircase corresponds to another bench, while a low landing makes a raised seat so low that it can be easily exchanged with the ground floor.

Home Interior With Suspended Bedrooms

Family life takes place in the midst of the changing seasons striking against huge windows. The regeneration of the trees and the short time change the atmosphere inside. The interior is full of surprises. The revolutionary suspension structures allow all private rooms to float independently and one after the other on the ground floor. The free and organic common room on the ground floor is open to opportunities. The configuration frees up daily life and forms a new philosophy that dissolves public and private bubbles.

Firstly, spaces are no longer separated and defined. The industrial decor of the interior is simple but full of atmosphere. A simple lounge chair brings modern chic into a small sitting area, which is located on an entire wall of custom bookcases. A few lid baskets are practical storage space and can also be stacked as a side table. A second stack of books creates a layered library configuration, one room within a room. Small ornaments are distributed between the books.

Indoor plants prolong life and change

Indoor plants prolong life and change. The steel and wooden staircase winds up to the upper shelves of the custom library wall. At the top, finally turning the steps into a long mezzanine library, where watercolors mark a peaceful pause on the shelves. Placing wooden planks on the ceiling to complete a stack of natural wooden books and interesting highlights from an angle in architecture. Concrete floors smoothly cross the living room and connect the library / living room to a formal dining room.

The Wave mezzanine suspensions interact in a unique way with the creative and differentiated living space. The oak wall shelves give the industrial space a warm character. A rich walnut platform extends from the base of the central tower, a woodgrain island in a concrete sea. Internal windows connect the hidden volumes to the open common room. The revolutionary multi-story living environment hangs the rooms in an independent but connected configuration like treehouses.

Objects that make up a route

The shelves along the railings form landing sites like more than just connecting routes. These breaks become living spaces and offer an alternative environment for learning and reflection. The plant supports shake up the arrangement of the furniture on the ground floor and bring pinnate leaves with sharp edges. The spacious structural system offers modern families a creative lifestyle that is completely different from traditional architecture. The floating characteristic of the upper volumes creates a living space that feels full of movement and action.

The floating property on the first floor integrates wooden “islands” in the living room. A space between two suspended bedrooms opens directly above the rectangular dining table. The gap leaves a perfect space for a hanging light in the dining room that falls across dramatically. The garden border scenes provide a soothing green background for the dining room. Modern dining chairs line the table three by three. A black and gray kitchen cuts into a background of partially rendered exposed bricks.

A white SMEG fridge-freezer fits into the light plaster. Imperfections in concrete walls only add to the beauty of Wabi-Sabi. The place seems to arouse a thirst for knowledge, truth and education.

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Home Interior With Suspended Bedrooms 1Home Interior With Suspended Bedrooms
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